Will Any Radon Company Do?

Will Any Radon Company Do

When you find out that your home has high levels of radon, it is only natural to want to do something about it right away. After all, this dangerous colorless and odorless gas is radioactive, and its very presence puts your entire family, not to mention your home, at risk. But before you rush out and contract with the first radon company you find in the phone book, it is important to ask yourself, and the contractor, some important questions.

The truth is that not all radon companies are the same. Some companies have many years of experience and expertise under their belts, as well as the highly sophisticated testing equipment needed to do the job right the first time. Other companies have just jumped on to the radon testing and mitigation bandwagon, no doubt in search of a quick buck. While well intentioned, these companies may lack the expertise and specific experience dealing with radon problems. Chances are they also do not have the testing equipment needed to determine whether levels of radon in your home are truly going down. Without that experience and equipment, it can be difficult to determine the true effectiveness of the radon mitigation services they provide.

Dealing With Radon

When it comes to dealing with radon, there is no better authority than the Environmental Protection Agency, and the EPA recommends that homeowners deal only with radon companies that are licensed by the state, and those who have the specific qualifications to get the job done.

accredited radon companies and specialistsAs a homeowner, you have several options to determine if a specific radon company is truly qualified to deal with your problem. One of the most important things you can do is check with your state. Many states now require that all contractors and radon mitigation companies be licensed to do business in the state. If the company offering to fix your radon problem lacks this state certifications, that is a sure sign that they lack the expertise needed to do the job.

The department of environmental resources in your state may also be able to provide you with a list of certified radon companies in your area. Working from this list can make your job a lost easier, and help you get your radon problem taken care of a lot more quickly.

Ask for Radon Certifications, Credentials

If your state does not regulate or license radon mitigation contractors, you can look for professional certification and credentialing in those you hire. Ask the potential contractor if they follow the standards set by industry bodies like the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). These standards help to ensure quality workmanship, and you should be wary of any company that does not abide by their strictures.