Waterborne Radon Reduction

Waterborne Radon Reduction

When you think about radon contamination, you probably picture this odorless and colorless radioactive gas entering your home through tiny cracks and holes in the foundation and basement walls. But while that is indeed one of the leading ways radon enters your home, it is not the only threat you face.

In fact, radon can also enter your home through the ground water, and the water around your home can be just as contaminated, and just as dangerous, as the soil. Many parts of the country have problems with ground water that is contaminated by radon, and if you live in one of those places your home could be at risk even if there is little radon contamination of the soil.

Radon Contamination

Radon contamination of your ground water can be particularly insidious, and particularly dangerous. If your ground water is contaminated by radon and you do not know it, your family could be put at risk every time they take a shower, brush their teeth, wash their hair or even do the dishes. In fact, every time you turn on the kitchen tap you could be admitting radiation into your home in the form of radon gas.

Accredited Waterborne Radon MitigationIf your ground water is contaminated by radon, that gas can also enter your home through the water lines serving your dishwasher and washing machine, putting your family and increased risk and making it even more important to deal with the problem as quickly and effectively as possible.

If testing reveals that the high levels of radon in your home come not from the surrounding soil but the water running through your pipes, you need to find a radon mitigation company that understands how to deal with this very specific threat. Look for a company that has plenty of experience and expertise dealing with waterborne radon problems. Also ask the company representative about the type of testing equipment the firm uses. Dealing with waterborne radon contamination requires a very specific set of tools and equipment,and if the company you choose does not possess them, chances are the fix will be temporary at best.

Qualified Waterborne Radon Company

Also check to make sure that the radon mitigation company you choose is licensed by your state, and certified to deal with radon problems. A number of states around the country now require that radon mitigation companies by properly licensed and certified,and dealing with a licensed firm means they have met certain guidelines and expressed the expertise needed to deal with your particular radon problem.