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Thursday, February 7, 2013 @ 08:02 PM
posted by qualityadmin

Why Radon Mitigation in Schools is Needed

Radon Mitigation in SchoolsRadon mitigation in schools can help us take back the safety of all schools across America, and make them a healthy place for students to learn. While much time and energy has been focused on the safety of schools through new gun laws, there is a strong need for radon mitigation in schools. By the numbers, radon gas kills more people than drunk driving, and is a serious threat to all teachers, students, and faculty without some type of action.

Every single year, radon gas kills 20,000 people in the form of lung cancer. Nationally, this is a huge threat to all of us, and something that we need to take action in. If we want to protect those most affected by this gas, we need to implement radon mitigation in schools. It is estimated that one out of every five schools has high levels of radon gas. This is a large number of schools, 70,000 to be exact, that are in need of mitigation. Let us take action and reduce the gas levels for our teachers, students, and faculty.

Getting Radon Mitigation in Schools

To get a better look at how this gas effects us, we must take a look at where it comes from. Deep in the ground uranium forms and breaks down. During the break down process, a byproduct of radioactive gas known as radon is formed. From this radioactive material, it is known that it causes cancer, and in a gas form it may enter the smallest of areas. The most common way radon enters homes and schools is simply through the foundation. Although this is one method, another method is through the water supply. Through the water supply this dangerous gas can come through your home or school and greatly increase the concentrations.

Regardless of how this gas enters our schools, we need to take action in order to dramatically decrease the threat level. If we have radon mitigation in schools, we can make sure that our schools have lowered radon levels by up to 99%. S.W.A.T. Environmental has a team of professionals that can properly reduce the levels of radon gas polluted throughout homes and schools. Radon mitigation in schools is the solution we need to make our schools a safer place.

Currently there is a bill being proposed which could greatly improve our schools. This bill is being proposed by a congressman in Iowa, and it would provide funding for testing of all schools across the nation. Schools that receive ratings of high levels of gas would then receive additional funding for mitigation. This process ensures that only schools truly in need of mitigation are receiving benefits, and that we are not sacrificing our educational budget to provide this level of safety. Help us support radon mitigation in schools, and tell a local politician to help raise awareness on this bill.