Residential Radon Mitigation

When homeowners find out that they have a problem with high levels of radon, their first instinct might be to panic. But after that initial shock has died down, those homeowners need to get serious about fixing what could be a very dangerous problem for themselves and their families. Residential radon mitigation can be fast, easy, and remarkably effective, even in parts of the country known for their extensive radon problems.

Commercial Radon Mitigation

Dealing with radon problems in your home is hard enough, but when you are dealing with your business and your livelihood, the challenge can be even greater. In some ways dealing with radon inside a commercial building is similar to dealing with the problem inside a home, but with a business there are many more things to consider and many more potential risks as well.

Waterborne Radon Reduction

When you think about radon contamination, you probably picture this odorless and colorless radioactive gas entering your home through tiny cracks and holes in the foundation and basement walls. But while that is indeed one of the leading ways radon enters your home, it is not the only threat you face.

Air Purification Systems

Having clean indoor air is just as important (if not more) than having clean outdoor air. After all, you spend 70% more time indoors! The average home or office building has 1,000 times more pollutants in the air than outdoors! The reason for this is that the air handling systems (heating and cooling units) are made to re-circulate the same air over and over again.

Services for Realtors

Real estate transactions are complicated – and stressful – enough without added concern over radon. Despite what many people think, radon levels are among the most straightforward factors to test and, if necessary, mitigate when selling or buying a house. Since high radon levels are a serious health concern, it does have to be addressed, but it does not have to derail your house purchase!