Commercial Radon Mitigation

Commercial Radon Mitigation

Dealing with radon problems in your home is hard enough, but when you are dealing with your business and your livelihood, the challenge can be even greater. In some ways dealing with radon inside a commercial building is similar to dealing with the problem inside a home, but with a business there are many more things to consider, and many more potential risks as well.

For instance, your state or local authorities might not allow your business to resume operations or let employees reenter the building until the radon problem has been solved. That can put a severe strain on your finances and add to the total cost of repairing the radon problem as your business.

Choose Quality Commercial Radon Specialists

Even if your business is allowed to continue operating while the radon problem is being repaired, you need to prepare for possible risks, and you need to hire a company that can do the remediation and mitigation right the first time. Hiring a company that lacks the expertise and experience necessary to deal with a radon problem can actually make the situation worse by allowing even more radioactive gas to seep into your building. If you choose the wrong company to do the commercial radon mitigation, you put yourself, your employees and your very livelihood at risk.

Find Commercial Radon Mitigation Contractors

Fortunately there is a way to sort out the quality commercial radon mitigation contractors from all the rest. Asking lots of questions and getting plenty of information is one of the best ways to sort out the best companies. State license and certification is important as well, since many states now require all commercial radon mitigation companies to be registered with and licensed by the state. Just check with your state department of environmental resources or natural resource management to get information about the licensing requirements and find a list of commercial radon mitigation companies in your area.

commercial radon mitigationIt is also a good idea to look for a commercial radon mitigation contractor who uses the active soil depressurization method of dealing with a radon problem in a commercial building. This form of commercial radon mitigation works by stabilizing and equalizing the pressure in the soil outside your commercial building and the air inside. Since radon contamination is caused when the gas is sucked into the building through tiny cracks and holes, equalizing the pressure means that the radon has nowhere to go. When the pressure is higher in the surrounding soil than it is inside your home or building, the radon gas is literally sucked into the interior. But when a quality commercial radon mitigation specialist uses the active soil depressurization method, that problem is eliminated, and the radon cannot reenter your building and threaten the health of your employees.