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Tuesday, January 10, 2012 @ 05:01 PM
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Test Your Home for Radon During National Radon Action Month

radon action monthMany people already know that radon is a serious problem, and a real threat to people living in all parts of the country and the world. Now the Environmental Protection Agency is helping those homeowners take action and get their homes tested for this dangerous radioactive gas.

The Environmental Protection Agency has designated January National Radon Action Month, and they urge all homeowners to have their homes tested for radon during that important time period. If you have not yet had your home tested, now is the perfect time to act, since many radon mitigation and testing companies will be offering special discounts and other promotions during National Radon Action Month.

Radon is a dangerous substance, and the bad news is that it is present just about everywhere in the environment. Radon gas can seep into your home through even the tiniest of cracks, including small holes in the basement walls or the foundation of the house. Once inside, radon can seriously damage your health and the health of your family.

A known carcinogen, radon is recognized as the second leading cause of lung cancer among smokers and the number one cause for non-smokers as well. If you have not yet had your home tested for radon gas, January is the perfect time to rectify that situation and put your mind at ease.

Now is the Perfect Time to Test Your Home for Radon

SWAT will be celebrating National Radon Action Month by offering homeowners a series of special discounts and promotions designed to encourage homeowners to act. As the largest radon mitigator in the country, SWAT has the experience and the expertise necessary to deal with radon problems no matter where they are coming from.

SWAT has access to a larger number of certified radon technicians than any other company, and that national footprint gives us the ability to fix radon problems fast and make homes safe and secure. So take advantage of National Radon Action Month and call SWAT today.